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Buy Printed Cotton Kurtis For Women In India: India is the hub of a variety of different textiles and its craftsmanship. Indian Textiles and manufacturing are famous worldwide, as there is no other country that can use our prints and techniques on their clothes, the way we do. Every different region in the country has its style and method of printing. Block printing techniques that have been carried on since generations in different parts of the world have its importance in India. It is the most distinguished textile art that is being used for years on clothes. For this experienced craftsmen work day and night to achieve a final output. Our firm, Nehamta also works around block printing techniques. We use common block printing methods on our fabrics with an experienced team of craftsmen and weavers who are performing this art for ages. It is the ultimate destination to buy printed cotton Kurtis for women in India. We believe in delivering our customers the best quality fabric and design that they are looking for, keeping it cost-friendly so that it can be made available to everyone.


Described below are the different block printing methods that are used nationwide in different regions by craftsmen to do block printing.

  • AJRAK – Mostly used in Shawls that are made in the western regions
TECHNIQUEGeometric shapes and patterns are used through woodblock printing that uses natural and vegetable dyes.
HISTORYThey came from ancient civilizations and are still continuing as textile art.
  • SANGANERI– The most famous technique of Rajasthan that is mostly used in both garments as well as home decor items.
TECHNIQUELaying the fabric and then using block to print different shapes and designs. The designs used here are mostly symmetrical in shape.
HISTORYNot only Rajasthan but this technique got famous in Gujarat as well.
  • BATIK– Here the cloth is soaked in different colors and then printed using wax.
TECHNIQUEThis method involves soaking and beating of the fabric, drawing different patterns and then applying wax, and this is done on the whole piece of cloth.
HISTORYIt was mainly originated in Egypt and then further got spread to different nations.

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  • LEHERIYA– Dyeing technique that is popular in Rajasthan uses different bright colors for this print.
TECHNIQUEThe color is made to apply on a particular part of the fabric by folding or keeping it in a specific way.
HISTORYThe print gets it name from the wavy patterns that can be seen on the garment.
  • BAGRU– The most popular technique used in Jaipur, is very hard to make and require experienced craftsmen and weavers to accomplish the final product.
TECHNIQUEDifferent blocks are kept starting from left to right and once the print is applied the fabric is kept to dry. After drying it is washed and then boiled to get the final material.
HISTORYThis method of printing is most common and has been carried on through generations.

Our garments mostly use Bagru and Sanganeri Prints made very intricately by weavers and craftsmen. We provide the best quality and designs if you wish to buy printed cotton Kurtis for women in India.

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