Anarkali Kurti For Women Latest Design In India – Floor Length Kurtis

Kurtis is the heart and soul of a lady’s closet. The market these days is filled with all sorts of patterns, fabrics, and styles that satisfy the needs of the consumers as well as give them options of choosing according to their own pockets and willingness to spend. No matter the occasion or season, be it summer, wedding, winters, or any casual outing. A Kurti is your go-to outfit. From An Anarkali to a straight line, women have varied options suiting their style, comfort, price range, and most importantly the occasion. If you wish to buy long stylish printed Kurti for women in India, visit Nehamta. Different types of prints and patterns that are available in the market-
  1. Batik- An old kind of tie and dye technique but slightly different, It uses wax resist to make beautiful patterns rather than tying the whole fabric.
  2. Ikat– Not exactly a print but a technique used for dyeing. You can see some blurriness on the final material as an immense skill is needed on the part of the craftsman to line all the threads in one place. The more intricate and clear the design is, the more time it would require to be made and would be expensive as well.
  3. Varak silver and gold leaf prints– This technique is very rare these days and popular only in holy shrines and temples. It uses Varaks that are made by flattening out silver or gold into a paper-like texture.
  4. Bagru– A type of block printing which is a relatively long process but the main characteristic that distinguishes it from other prints, is the elegance and simplicity of these designs.
  5. Bagh– A traditional block printing style where after the prints are done the fabric is repeatedly washed in the river and then dried out for a fixed period to get that desired luster.
  6. Silver and gold Khari print– Not original gold and silver, cheaper metals are powdered over the fabrics and two blocks are used to get the print.
  7. Ajrakh– Stamps are used in the block prints to get the desired design and pattern and uses natural dyes. This type of design is mostly found in shawls and carpets.
  8. Kalamkari– Is the art of drawing with a pen, this design uses floral and animal prints created by craftsmen and is an expensive technique.
If you want to explore more block prints and want to buy long stylish printed Kurti for women in India.


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