A Kurti can never go out of fashion. Indian fashion choices may have changed gradually over the past few years but a Kurti trend is still the same as it was before, just the pairing part of it has changed. Kurti styling is not just restricted to pajamas or salwar, from the bottom wear to the accessories used, everyone is experimenting with Kurti and its styling. Nehamta is one such brand that is made for bold women and their choices. Nehamta is here to help them choose the perfect cloth for their occasion by providing them with large varieties and offers of designer handmade Kurtis and ethnic sets that are fit for every occasion. Nehamta is the ultimate destination for you if you wish to Buy Designer Kurtis for Women Latest Design in India. Our prints are inspired by the rich Rajasthani culture of hand block printing, where the wooden pieces are cut and carved into specific shapes and designs. This wooden block is then covered with dye or ink and then stamped on the fabric. Each color is assigned to a different block, this means you cannot use the same block for different colors and multiple blocks have to be produced and used. This is one of the most inspired artworks that require skilled craftsmen and end up into an impactful garment.  Fashion tips – Buy Designer Kurtis for Women Latest Design in India at Nehamta We have listed down below some of our suggested fashion tips that are progressive and exclusively for you 
  • Let the colors speak! 
  • Color Coordination
  • Get the perfect Monochrome look!
Styling a monochrome look is not that hard, just harmonize the colors you are wearing altogether. Pick a color that suits you the best and dress up in that particular shade( you can experiment with the tone, for example, dark and light blue, yellow and mustard, etc) from head to toe, You can also choose a contrasting element from your top and accordingly choose the color of your bottom like shown in the picture. Liked the look? Buy Designer Kurtis for Women Latest Design in India from Nehamta and choose your style.
  • When in doubt, wear white
White color is serene and shows peace and calmness. It makes you feel fresh and ready, Just keep it simple with a pair of silver earrings and you are good to go.
  • Make prints your go-to look
Colors and prints complement each other. Pair them up with flats or heels keeping the accessories minimal and your whole look is complete.