Influencer Registration

Terms for Content Upload:
1. Share the content before uploading it on your social media. After Approval from our Digital Marketing Department, you are ready to upload the content on your Social Media Handle.
2. Tag Nehamta’s Social Media Handle on every Photo or Video.
3. Do share your “Unique Coupon Code*” on every photo or video upload. It will help us to trace the ROI by your profile. It will be beneficiary for both You and Nehamta.

*We will share the unique coupon code via email on successful collaboration

For Revenue Sharing Modal:
1. We will calculate the sales by your Unique Coupon Code every week. The report will be shared with you.
2. Revenue will not be generated for the refunded orders.
3. Paycheck for the Revenue will be paid after 3 weeks. For Example, the revenue of Week 1 i.e. 1 Dec 2020 to 7 Dec 2020 will be paid after 3 Weeks i.e.29th Dec 2020 to 4th Jan 2020.