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We at Nehamta offer a wide variety of Kurtis that would complete your look and would provide you style with comfort. Our main aim is to give the best quality of materials and fabrics to our customers, this is what that has made us our loyal customer base. We regularly experiment with the designs and patterns to make the best final product that the customer needs. We have incorporated the best team of craftsmen and weavers who holds years of expertise in making intricate designs. Explore Nehamta, and check out your style and buy the latest trending Kurti for women online in India.


The basic difference between a Kurta and a Kurti is that Kurta is long garments that usually come under your knees, while Kurti is different they mostly end at your thighs or just above the knees. While a Kurti is worn by just a woman, a kurta can be worn by both men and women. WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT KURTAS-
  1. They are like shirts that are available in various fabrics and prints. They are mostly worn during festive / party occasions.
  2. They are very loose-fitting and comfortable whereas Kurtis is mostly body hugging.
  3. Kurtas mostly end at the knees of the person, but some might go longer than usual.
  4. They are available in both short and long sizes.


If you liked our collection then visit Nehamta and browse all our latest styles and varieties and choose the best for yourself. We have every style and pattern that you would want without shedding big bucks on a single piece of garment. Here are some of the tips that we suggest for you to how to take care of your garment and make it more everlasting than ever.
  1. Notice the wash and caring instructions and follow them accordingly. Heavily embroidered garments may lose its touch if you wash them roughly and you may even lose some of the embellishments.
  2. Do not keep your Kurtis directly inside your wardrobe just after you take it off. Let it soak all the sweat and keep it under sunlight before keeping it in a damp place.
  3. Do not use hot water, as they may shrink. Always use cold to lukewarm water for washing.
  4. Do not soak them in water overnight or even for longer durations as they may shrink.
  5. Designer Kurtis are delicate as compared to the normal ones, therefore it is advisable to handle them much carefully.
  6. If you have heavy Kurtis like Anarkali, try to keep them in dust bags.
Follow these simple instructions to increase the age of your clothes and prevent them from damaging and losing their color and touch. To buy the latest trending Kurti for women online in India, visit Nehamta.

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