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Kurti is the safest choice if you want to pick an ethnic outfit for any party or special occasion. They take out the best of your personality and are easily carriable. They do not require any handling task as in the case of a saree and they are available in just a few selected styles like a suit. They are the best option for a woman or girl who cannot compromise on comfort and still wants to look stylish and chic. It is the easiest going outfit whose importance is not just restricted to formal wear but has expanded to party wear as well. If you want to Buy Party Wear Kurtis's Latest Design in India, check out Nehamta. It is the best online store for shopping for Indian and Ethnic wear at the most affordable prices without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Make your Kurti and other ethnic wear more fashionable and stylish by following these simple draping techniques of dupatta
DUPATTA DRAPED OVER THE SHOULDERS IT is like wearing a cape style, and you do not need to pin it every time you wear it, you can easily leave it like that if you are wearing cotton dupatta with heavy embroidery.
FLOWING FROM ONE SIDE  Just carry one side of the dupatta on your shoulders without making pleats and let it flow.
DRAPING IN V-SHAPE Pinning it across your shoulders in V-shape.
PLEATED DUPATTA ACROSS ONE SHOULDER  Let your Dupatta sit on one of your shoulders made into small or large pleats of your choice, this saves you from the hassle of managing your dupatta again and again.
DUPATTA WITH A BELT Here pleats are made in the dupatta and put across one shoulder, then a belt is tied around the waist with the dupatta tucked inside it tightly.
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COWL DRAPE It is the most common style of dupatta draping over a Kurti, worn like a stole, and mostly covers the whole of your neck.
ASSAMESE STYLE DRAPE This draping style goes all the way to your neck then down again. The dupatta length touches your waist when finally draped.
FREE FALLING FROM BOTH SIDES It is the simplest and elegant way to style your dupatta, this draping style gives your look an extra edge and can be styled with a Kurti, salwar as well as a lehenga.
DRAPING AROUND THE ARMS  This style gives you a more royal look as it is thrown on the back of your arms rather than keeping it on the shoulders. It can be a bit hard to carry sometimes but goes with almost every style of garment varying from heavy Anarkali to Kurtis.
SAREE PALLU STYLE  Drape your dupatta like a free-flowing saree and pin it with a brooch.
DRAPING IN CHOKER STYLE If you do not have heavy bust, you can drape your dupatta on your neck and just let it sit there
WRAPPED ON ONE SHOULDER AND CROSSED TO OPPOSITE WRIST This draping style is the most graceful technique of all and the most common among women to go for.
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